Thai KK Group's Vision and Mission is

Our Mission is to deliver a WOW product and customer experience by creating walking innovations, sustainable, lifestyle products that fits your everyday needs. Thai KK group focuses on proactive approach to product high-quality products, with global certifications, support to serve the global demands in all industries.


With 40+ years of experience, Thai KK has always prioritize the quality of every products. Because of this, our products are trusted by millions of customers worldwide

Get to know our company
  • Label Business

    Thai KK Label aims to "create your future today." We continuously aim to innovate our products through sustainable and functional design that fits all types of applications.

  • Tape Business

    With 40 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality adhesive tapes, we are able to innovate new products that fits all types of applications.

  • Melamine Business

    Melamine Thai KK is the first manufacturer of melamine molding compounds in Thailand. by transferring production technology from Daiwa Japan

  • SOD Business

    Building a brand is easy with SOD. If you want to build your own business, low investment, good profit, SOD is ready to be a help for startup customers.